Does Social Justice Need Football?

Ricky Williams is among 50 former football players launching the Freedom Football League.  One of it’s primary selling points is that players will be encouraged to champion social justice issues.  Certainly our society could use reform in a variety of areas, but is this a good reason to start a football league?

With the Alliance of American football taking the field right after the Superbowl confetti falls in 2019 with CBS broadcasting it to the world, one has to wonder where the FFL fits into things.  The AAF has done a great job of promoting it’s league and teasing curious football fans with a slow trickle of press releases revealing cities, logos, and player signings.  In the AAF football is the focus.  The FFL is promoting it’s league on a peripheral issue, albeit important.

Let’s not forget that the NFL, a ratings powerhouse, faltered when social issues leaked into television coverage.  Viewers have demonstrated that they don’t want to fix the world’s problems on Sunday, they want to watch a simple football game and escape their problems for 3 hours.

It’ll be fascinating to see which league thrives and which one dies.


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