1989 Fleer Randy Johnson #381 Marlboro Variations

Unfortunately I have the most common “blacked out” version, but I enjoyed reading about the 8 unique versions of Randy Johnson’s 1989 Fleer rookie card.

Junk Wax Gems


There are at least 8 different versions of this card.

Here we are, some 10+ years after it’s discovery (if you take the word of Beckett’s editors), 20+ years after it’s release and this card is still causing confusion and trouble. It’s origin remains murky as no former Fleer reps have gone on record to explain why this card was changed or why it took Fleer so many different tries to get it right. Even stranger is that this is not a legend’s brother’s second-year card or a journeyman reliever’s card, this is the rookie card of one of the game’s greatest pitchers and yet very little info exists on it. And what little info that does is severely in need of an update.

I can’t tell you for certain how many variations exist on this card, because just…

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