UFC Fight Night: Gaethje vs. Poirier

The Sullivan Spin

Glendale, Arizona hosted UFC’s fight night main event between #6 Justin Gaethje and #5 Dustin Poirier.  Both men came out swinging and delivered an action-packed contest.

Round 1

Early on Dustin Poirier landed a heavy punch that cut Gaethje’s left eye, which impaired his vision throughout the fight.  Justin Gaethje focused on frequent inside leg kicks and invited Poirier to tire himself out by throwing punches while Gaethje covered up.

Round 2

Gaethje continued his assault on Poirier’s lower body and landed more inside leg kicks.  The first accidental eye gouge of the night stopped the fight momentarily before Poirier confirmed he could continue.  Poirier attempted a couple takedowns but Justin successfully resisted both and was able to get Poirier backed into the fence.  Against the fencing, Gaethje landed some elbows.

Round 3

Dustin Poirier came out expecting some kicks and caught Justin Gaethje’s heel but Gaethje effortlessly somersaulted out. …

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