Superbowl LII

The Sullivan Spin

1st Half

Nick Foles Delivers

Nick Foles steals the spotlight from Tom Brady and the Patriots by helping the Eagles secure their first Superbowl win.  Foles played like the pro bowl selection from 2013, throwing for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns.  If that wasn’t enough, Foles caught a touchdown pass of his own on a bold goal line call by head coach Doug Pederson.

Nick’s favorite target in the 1st half was the lanky Alshon Jeffery.  Time after time Foles tossed it up and trusted Jeffries to come up with spectacular catches – and it worked.

Eagles Offensive Line Creates Running Lanes

When the Eagles weren’t dropping bombs to Alshon, they were pounding the rock with Blount and Ajayi.  Let’s give the offensive line some credit, they kept pressure off Foles when passing and opened up big holes to run through.

This success not only helped the Eagles offense control…

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