Fight Night Charlotte: Jacare vs. Brunson 2

The Sullivan Spin

Charlotte, N.C. played host to UFC’s Fight Night, touting a rematch of eighth ranked Derek Brunson and third ranked Jacare Souza as the main event, but Fili and Bermudez would provide the most exciting exchange of the evening.

#3 Jacare vs. #8 Brunson

This middleweight bout featured two top fighters in the class, with meaningful implications for both: a win for Jacare would move him one step closer to title contention and a win for Derek Brunson would exact revenge from the pair’s previous battle.  Brunson came out more reserved than his last fight with Jacare; both fighters spent some time calmy sizing each other up.  Jacare attempted a takedown on Brunson, he resisted successfully, only moments later to receive a right leg kick from Jacare to the dome – Derek stumbled back and Souza charged in to polish off Brunson with a flurry of punches before the referee stopped…

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