Philadelphia Eagles Are Not Underdogs Against the Minnesota Vikings

The Sullivan Spin

When the Philadelphia Eagles lost Carson Wentz, their young QB star, a peculiar situation presented itself, the lower seeded Falcons became favored in the play-off matchup.  Eagles players rallied around this media verdict and created a new fashion sensation for Philadelphia fans by donning German Shepherd masks to celebrate victory over the Falcons.

On Sunday the Eagles will host the Minnesota Vikings and have encouraged fans to wear dog masks or underdog t-shirts (for those unable to secure the sold out mask) in support.  I will not be wearing a dog mask for a variety of reasons and neither should you, the Eagles are not underdogs.

Home Field Advantage

  • Comfort:  When you’re the home team, you get to sleep in your own bed; no sharing a hotel room with a 350 pound lineman sawing logs.
  • The 12th Man:  The energy from a fired up crowd can uplift a flat home…

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